New Collectibles Going Live!

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New Collectibles Going Live!

As the store continues to be rebuilt we are continuing to add more and more collectibles to the bunch! There are over 3,000 pieces within the TazAlGhul vault and most of them will be finally getting tossed onto the site!

Imperial Death Trooper - Star Wars Funko POP

There will be a wide range of items so collectors keep your eyes peeled! You will see that we will have Out of Box Funko items as well as the pristine in box classics. Soon we will also have some damaged box items listed at a huge discount. Some we're damaged in the move but I know that doesn't phase all collectors! It won't be stopping at Funko! We will have comics, extremely rare pokemon cards (still sad that the shining Charizard card has sold :( ) Sports cards/memorabilia and so much more. There really is a never ending flow of content and with the new website update we can finally get them all in one place! 


If you know fellow collectors who are on the hunt for specific items please send them the TazAlGhul way! Cheers and happy hump day!

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