Donny Cates Explains Crossover - What is Crossover? SDCC 2020

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Donny Cates Explains Crossover - What is Crossover? SDCC 2020



The basics of it are the Avengers:Endgame but with Cloverfield ...

First off I'll start by saying wow ... have not bee this stoked for a comic in a weeee bit. Every time Donny whips out a project like this it's absolute fire. Give the video above a view from SDCC @Home where he dives deep into what Crossover is all about. Not going to lie it sounds like quite the brain twister but in the most legendary way ever. I can't forget to mention the rest of the legendary squad: Artist Geoff Shaw, who says it's about a giant superhero event spilling intou our world ... makes sense why it's called Crossover then ... Colorist Dee Cunniffee and letterer John J. Hill. 

Donny labeled this book as "The scariest goddamn book I've ever attempted to produce in my goddam life, and that's why it's the most exciting thing I've ever done." If that doesn't get you psyched for it I don't know what will ... because he's written Venom, Thor, Thanos, GOTG, God Country, Doctor Strange and a million other titles that are top notch. 

I'll let you dive into the video for the rest but wow ... just wow. 

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