Collector Spotlight Ft. ComicDrop

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Collector Spotlight Ft. ComicDrop

Since we've gone through a revamp for the Blog it's time to bring back our past collector spotlights! If you haven't given any of them a read dive into this one! The first International collector spotlight! 

Huge thanks to Jonathan @Comic_Drop for taking the time to give a little background on his collection and what he loves. As I always say one of my main reasons for firing up this blog is to bring the collectors, designers and artists closer together and tell some of their incredible stories. I'm extremely stoked to get a spotlight from someone out of the US to see how thing roll internationally. I was lucky enough to meet Jonathan a few months back through IG and had the pleasure of creating his logo. I'll make sure to share some of the variations / process of what we came up with below. Everyone has a different story to tell and I want to hear them all! Now let's get on with it ... Collector Spotlight #3 here we go!

When did you start collecting?

"I've been collecting comics on and off since I was like 12/13"

What Inspired You to Start Collecting?

"The Spider-Man and x-men cartoons "

T- Hell Yea! If you didn't watch these comics back in the day ... GET DISNEY+ Now and watch them all! Partly what got me into it as well!

What's Your Favorite Collectible Item?

"My signed books" 

T - Now im just really interested to see your list of signed books ... When you see this tell us all your goods in the comments! I'm sure there's some HEAT! Still Waiting my Dude!

What's Your Favorite Shopping Spot?

"Orbital comics used to be my jam but they have recently changed how they do new books so I’m currently in LCS limbo"

Marvel, DC or Something Else?

"Marvel mostly but i dip into everything."

T- I've seen some of that fire on the IG (see below) . I'd say I'm for sure the same way as much as I'd like to say I'm 50/50 Marvel/DC. My short boxes beg to differ though.



What's Your Favorite Part of Collecting?

Visiting the comic shops around the world!

T - You just gave me my new bucket list. Visit as many comic shops around the world as possible. ZINGGG

Where are you from, and where has collecting taken you? (Events, Conventions, Special Travel Spots)

I’m from Ireland (Antrim in n.ireland) i live in London. I’m not a big con person only been to a handful mostly in London at mcm. I did do Americans holiday where I traveled from New York to Miami and i visited a load of comic shops it was incredible. 

T- I think your next stop should be Colorado :) I hear they have the largest comic shop in the nation ... That'll be our first stop if you ever make it out to my homeland! 

Favorite Comic Book You've Ever Read?

"Invincible is my favourite but I haven’t went back and finished it..."

T-​ Add this to my "To-Read" List! Literally my old LCS just posted that book for sale today saying he thought it was his favorite super hero book ever ... Shoutout @NuclearComics. Might have to get that shipped from CA ---> CO


When did you start dropping comics all around town?


Here's a little sprinkle of an example of what his superb drops look like. Literally genius ... and quite generous! Be sure to check out his drop map link at the end of this post!




How many comics would you say you have left out in the wild for people to find?

Oh dam quite a lot... maybe around 200 single issues at this point 

​T- 1 word. DAAAYUUMMMM!!!!

What kind of feedback have you gotten from doing these ComicDrops?

Overwhelmingly positive don’t get me wrong sometimes books get dropped and I don’t hear anything about them. But when someone takes the time to write me its always so wonderful to read .

T- I bet it's positive! Man, I'd love to see the look on someones face when they realize there's literally a comic book taped to a wall just calling their name. I'm sure it's a combination of confused/can I take this with a mixture of holy shit this is awesome!! 

My dude ... I must say what you do is totally awesome and unlike anything I've seen before. Something like this is such a positive boost to the comic community and probably even gets people into comics who never once thought of even reading a comic book. To everyone who enjoyed this little tid-bit be sure to give him a follow @comic_blog -

Not only does he do superb things like leave comic books for free out in the world but he also dabbles in some legendary t-shirt art. My fav is hands down his sick batman piece. Check it out VVV


If you're interested in these beauties be sure to give him a holler on IG. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled if you're in the London area! There could be comics right under your nose and you didn't even know it. Click the button below to go to his Drop map so you can join the ComicDrop Hunt!

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